Recently I realized that I like doing way too many things to be a decent blogger. My life is full of passions and desires that simply do not overlap in a way that makes any sense at all. This is how I ended up owning 7 different blogs. And also how I ended up finding that I couldn’t force myself to blog often enough to build any sort of audience at all. Take a look at all the blogs I own –

It's okay, I can take on four more things.

It’s okay, I can take on four more things.

  1. Steam Driven Media – work and SEO
  2. Lunker Links – Fishing
  3. Fire and Gemstone – Jewelry
  4. Feydakin – Personal blog
  5. Steve G – Personal / Business oriented
  6. Red Fence Ridge – Farm blog
  7. Plus maybe a half dozen more for various products and ideas I’ve had over the years

Today I watching a Hangout with +martin shervington and +Guy Kawasaki and +George Sepich when Guy mentioned that he doesn’t blog any more. He posts to G+ and uses social media to push people to specific posts.

There are certainly some drawbacks to using G+ as a blogging platform. But I think that the pluses outweigh the negatives pretty quickly. The biggest plus is that I can put everything I do in one spot. I can blog instantly about whatever strikes my fancy and I can simply select the proper circle to blast it out to. Or I can set it public if I feel like it should be seen by everyone. The negative, of course, is that it’s unlikely that the people that follow me for marketing ideas are likely to be thrilled if I go on a fishing trip and write about fishing for 2 weeks solid. But I could be wrong, maybe that’s exactly what it will take to build a bit of a following.

It’s certainly worth giving it a shot. It can’t be any less successful than 7 rarely posted to blogs. Of course, it could also end up showing a lot of people just how crazy I really am.