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Setting Audacious Goals and How They Can Cripple You

These days it seems like everyone had grand goals and plans. We set these grand goals for ourselves and our businesses, I’m going to get 1,000 new customers, I’m going to lose 50 pounds, I’m going to learn a new language, I’m going to learn to paint, I’m going to create a giant webinar series, […]

Aaron’s Law – Balancing Criminal and Civil Law in Computer Crimes

By now every one knows, or has at least heard, the story of Aaron Swartz.  Arron was a brilliant person how fought for what he believed in and in the end, paid the ultimate price at his own hand. Aaron was prosecuted under felony charges for what any one with a reasonable view of life […]

Angels and Entrepreneurs

I was recently asked to take part in a round robin interview with Rand Fishkin (@randfish) of SEOMOZ and Nova Spivak (@novaspivak) of NovaSpivak.Com and hosted by Sheldon Campbell (@docsheldon). The three part interview revolved around the the problems and pitfalls that an entrepreneur can meet while searching for investment capital from venture capitalists or angel investors. I […]