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I am a digital marketer, web developer, and business consultant with more than 25 years of experience building websites and driving traffic to them. I built my first website in 1995 and started developing websites for clients in 1996. Almost immediately we saw a need for someone to help drive clients and customers to those websites, and with Google still 2 or 3 years from even being founded, my first entry into the digital marketing world began.

Since then my professional life has taken many detours, but all of those have involved marketing on some level. You can learn more about me and what I do here on my personal website, or you can join me on any of the websites, podcasts, and businesses listed below.


the biggies

sharing sites

my businesses

  • Web Narwhal: CMO: WebNarwhal is a group effort dedicated to brilliant web design and efficient internet marketing. From standard CMS platforms to full custom deployments our web design group brings years of experience to small and mid-sized businesses. Our marketing division provides dedicated services from SEO, SEM, Content creation, and more for our clients.
  • Alchemy Skunkworks: Founder: My secondary passion project is Alchemy Skunkworks. Here is where I get to explore my ‘maker side’ and delve into custom woodworking, clockwork, tool/toy/art restoration, and anything else that lets me stretch my artistic side.
  • Steam Driven Media: Founder: My primary business is providing internet marketing and web development for clients. I also perform multiple types of audits and consulting to help clients and business owners determine the best direction for their own businesses. In 2023 I will be winding down operation of SDM as we migrate more customers and resources to Web Narwhal.
  • DeepSEO Conference: Co-Chair: DeepSEO Con is an annual event that brings amazing speakers from the search marketing field together to share advanced information, and engage in fabulous networking events, and amazing adventures.

podcasts / webinars

  • DeepSEO Video Series : Co-Host : This new bi-weekly video series features interviews and presentations from some of the best SEOs and marketers in the industry. Guests include Dave Davies, Kim Krause Berg, Bill Hartzer, and others.
  • Mentors on Tap Video Series : Co-Host : Random episodes scattered over three years where Doc Sheldon and I carry on conversations about the state of the industry and current industry techniques.
  • Bill & Ammon’s Bogus Hangout : Frequent guest : As a frequent guest on this long-running series, internet marketing experts discuss topics affect marketing, SEO, SEM, Web Development, and a variety of other topics.
  • SEO Dojo Podcast : panel member : As a member of “The Regulators” with David “The Gypsy” Harry, Terry VanHorne, and Juston Parks, we spent nearly 100 episodes in the early days of SEO discussing everything from basic tactics, to SEO politics, and anything else that entered our crazed minds.

personal projects

  • Red Fence Ridge: Our farm/animal rescue blog for the project my wife and I are undertaking.