Various Me

I find myself hanging out all over the web. And rather than stuff the sidebar of my site with a long list of websites all linking to me, I thought it would make sense to create a dedicated page with links to the various places I hang out and participate. Who knows, you may be there as well and we can connect.

the biggies

sharing sites

my other blogs

  • Red Fence Ridge: redfenceridge.com : Our farm / animal rescue blog for the new project my wife and I are undertaking.
  • Steam Driven Media: steamdrivenmedia.com : My primary business is providing internet marketing and web development for clients. I also perform multiple types of audits and consulting to help clients and business owners determine the best direction for their own business.
  • Alchemy Skunkworks: alchemyskunkworks.com : My secondary passion project is Alchemy Skunkworks. Here is where I get to explore my ‘maker side’ and delve into custom woodworking, clockwork, tool/toy/art restoration and anything else that lets me stretch my artistic side.

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