steve gerencser
B.A. Architecture University of New Mexico

entrepreneur / artist / gearhead

I have never been a great employee. I prefer to lead and guide businesses than be a cog in someone else’s machine, even if it is a successful machine. I first learned how to manage people, make a profit, and meet goals when I became part of a management team at Domino’s Pizza whose only goal was to take over failing stores and return them to profitability. Our team developed a reputation for being able to take even the most forgotten of stores and turning them in to profit making operations.

Eventually I left the pizza business. The hours were terrible for raising a family. In the mid 90’s I went back to college and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture while opening my first retail store at the same time. Dragon’s Lair was a gaming and comic book store in Albuquerque, NM that lasted just 9 months before we made the call to close it before it ate through all of our money and started affecting our ability to do things like pay our mortgage. Out of all the things I have done over the years, this is easily our biggest crash and burn and also easily the one that taught me the most about running a profitable business.

After New Mexico we relocated to California where I published a gaming magazine, opened a tech company, started building websites, and spent a lot of time raising our daughter while my wife was off doing her duty with the USAF. Then it was off to Indiana where I kept the tech company, was made a partner in a web hosting company, learned to design and make jewelry and now I find myself blending two of my favorite things, making and selling jewelry and internet marketing.

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